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More Power!

Listening to this week’s episode of “Connected” from Relay.FM, I heard a little nugget from Federico Viticci that surprised me. Apparently, Apple released a USB-C to Lightning cable, which I initially thought was only used to charge/sync iOS devices with the new MacBook (that has only a single USB-C port for everything).

As things turn out, that’s the primary use for the new cable, but there’s a secondary use mentioned only (as far as I can tell) in the product description on Apple’s website for the USB-C to Lightning cable. That secondary use allows you to engage the 29W MacBook USB-C power supply as a rapid charger for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Even though the iPad Pro’s charger that it ships with is more powerful than any iOS-based charger that came before it, charging the iPad Pro from empty can still be an all-day affair.  To hear that there’s quick-charging capability in this device and to not have known about it is a bit of a surprise considering the number of hours I have to wait to top-up.

You can bet my American Express points that I ordered that little combination to feed the power-hungry iPad Pro upon which I’m typing this post.  The Pro has quickly become my primary computing device because of the speed and ease of iOS combined with the newer professional-level apps available and the giant Retina Display that it provides.

The 2 meter USB-C to Lightning Cable.

The 29W MacBook USB-C Power Supply.